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Metal’s high sustainability featured in Trivium’s LIVE 3D Booth

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Trivium’s LIVE 3D booth displays the wide range of metal packaging’s capabilities. Metal is infinitely recyclable and the most widely recycled material worldwide. Now visitors from around the globe can view Trivium’s packaging solutions up close and personal from the comfort of their own chair. Sustainability has never looked so good.

Metal is a sustainable material with endless design opportunities. Trivium’s metal tubs, bottles, boxes, tins, and aerosols are unbreakable, safe, and top quality. They offer both trusted stock solutions and custom designs to drive your brand’s growth.

Visit Trivium’s booth today to learn more about the innovative solutions offered in your market. Ten of Trivium’s sleek metal packaging solutions are on display in full 3D at their LIVE booth. Their booth is always open and can be visited at any time.

Click on one of their 3D models to bring the package to the front and center of your screen. Click rotate on Trivium’s Aerosol Screw Bot Soap Dispenser to view this sleek aluminum bottle from every angle. With Trivium's 3D models, you can see the dimensions and aspect ratio of their packaging solutions easily from any computer monitor or VR headset.

Trivium's Alu Club Straight is a tin that works well for both seafood and pet food. Its pull tab makes it easy to open. View the tin from all angles to see how much surface space it has. Its large area of open space makes it perfect for screen printing and labeling with your company’s imagery and branding.

Anyone who is interested in speaking to Trivium and learning more about their packaging solutions can use the chat function that pops up on screen. Leave a message anytime of the day and a representative from Trivium will receive it.

Visit their LIVE 3D booth directly at www.expomaker.com/expo/trivium.

Trivium designs packaging solutions for a variety of industries, from home and industrial care, nutrition, food, beauty and personal care, pharmaceutical, paint, and much more. Learn how they can elevate your brand today.

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