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Our 3D studio offers a large portion of our portfolio of metal packaging formats. Using the 3D studio you can easily make a 2D graphic design stand out in 3D on one or our cans.
This will not only help you visualise better how your can will look once it is finished, it also gives you the ability to easily share with your colleagues and customers to discuss the new design.

If this is the first time you visit the 3D studio, please create a new account and enjoy using our new 3D Studio!

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Trivium Packaging for Metal Packaging

Create your packaging design in 3D within a few minutes. Trivium Packaging offers you this service to reduce time-to-market by speeding up your packaging design process. This online service enables you to visualize your packaging design in a 3D format without any additional software.

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On this website you will find 3D shapes of metal packaging by Trivium Packaging, powered by the 3D packaging artwork service from Webpackaging. This service is exclusively offered by Trivium Packaging to its customers without any additional cost. There are no obligations. You can cancel your account at any time.

With the online 3D packaging artwork service, you can create virtual 3D mock-ups of our packaging without having 3D software on your computer, and without having any knowledge of 3D design.

Steps to Follow


    1. Configure your Packaging


    2. Download the artwork Template


    3. Upload your own Artwork


    4. Save your Configuration


    5. Share your Packaging

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