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Trivium Packaging Wins Grandes Cases de Embalagem Competition for O.U.i Eau de Parfum refills

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The 2021 Grandes Cases de Embalagem Competition winners have just been announced, recognizing and valuing the pursuit of excellence in Brazilian packaging. Trivium Packaging, the $2.7B global metal packaging supplier, is honored to share that it has won this award with O.U.i for its Eau de Parfum refills, judged for the combined benefits in the relationship between production, suppliers, consumers, and the environment.

The competition evaluates the holistic packaging solution around sustainability, beauty, innovation, and impact to consumers. The award recognizes the innovative concept of refilling fragrances and highlights how aluminum refillables are much lighter than the original packaging. Those attributes are fully aligned with the targeted consumer lifestyle, as well as the companies’ sustainable commitments.

“It was a disruptive launch that proves that our new aluminum threaded bottles can be the right packaging to leverage sustainable and innovative solutions for premium markets,” says Aislan Pereira, Director of Commercial, Trivium Brazil. “The utilization of the bottle represents a change in the Beauty & Personal Care industry as it takes a big step towards sustainability and sophistication.”

The 75ml aluminum refill bottle, produced by Trivium Packaging, uses an advanced alloy that contains up to 10% PCR. The bottle is fully made of aluminum and can be infinitely recyclable. The aluminum packaging offers many great advantages including protection against light and oxidation for its content, rust-proof for bathroom and sink applications as well as providing a unique and sophisticated look for the product.

Refillable packaging for fragrances is one of the key trends being sought by many brands, as it moves towards a more sustainable product, with less packaging weight, while also enabling a loyal connection to the consumer. In fact, O.U.i is the first brand in Brazil to offer refillable Eau de Parfum, choosing aluminum as the best fit for this milestone.

Fragrance bottles are exquisite, often very customized and a piece of art on their own, especially when it comes to Haute Perfumarie. The infinitely recyclable aluminum refill bottle acts as the perfect sustainable packaging solution, discarded as soon as the original packaging is refilled while allowing users to keep the original sophisticated bottle. Because of this, aluminum refillable packaging uses less energy and has a positive impact on the entire logistic chain.

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